Token Issuers​

Contributors Onboarding & Management

alt operates a proprietary KYC platform with API, enabling companies to raise funds whilst KYCing contributors in a smooth and compliant way.


KYC Platform
& Dashboards

Get access to the most advanced visualization
tools on the market to check how your ongoing crowdsale is doing

Segregated IBANs
& Wallet

Organize your crowd- funding with dedicated EUR, USD, GBP & CHF escrow IBANs. Raise in fiat and in digital assets

Bank Account

Open an account in a Swiss Private bank to cash out the proceeds of your successful crowdfunding

Institutional Solutions​

Implementing AML policies is now mandatory for all token issuers in most jurisdictions. Good execution during intense crowdfunding period is so crucial that it generally spells life or death for regulated blockchain projects. Being supported by a community which shares a common vision is not enough. Marketing the project, raising funds beyond your fanbase from institutions, converting commitments in actual seed funds whilst conducting smooth compliance checks is what matters. That’s where we help.

Institutional Solutions​

Undertaking Anti-Money Laundering is now mandatory for all token issuers in most jurisdictions. Good execution during a crowdfunding period is so crucial that it generally spells life or death for regulated blockchain projects. Being supported by a community sharing a common vision is no longer enough. What matters is marketing, raising funds from institutions – not only from the community, and converting commitments to actual compliant funds. That’s where we can help !

Need an integrated platform for your crowdsale ?​

  • You are planning to raise funds in fiat as well as cryptocurrencies ?
  • You want to focus on your core activity and delegate the compliance checks on your contributors ?
  • You need escrow IBANs and wallets to raise actual funds instead of mere commitments ?
  • You need accurate dashboards to visualise at any time the status of your private sale ? (coming soon)
  • You intend to deliver an ERC20 token to all of your onboarded contributors immediately after the sale ?
  • You are looking for a whitelabel self-onboarding platform to remain in control of your brand identity as you raise funds ?

Treat your investors with a compliant, business-friendly infrastructure.

  • Get support from 3 full time compliance officers and 2 paralegal officers based in Switzerland.
  • Raise funds from up to 500 contributors per day.
  • Raise in 4 fiat currencies (EUR,USD, GBP, CHF) escrowed in a licenced Swiss private bank.
  • Raise in crypto currencies (BTC, ETH, ADA, USDC, USDT…) escrowed in multisig wallets.
  • Convert digital assets as soon as your contributors have passed KYC checks.
  • Pay bills and invoices from third-parties even during your fundraising period.

Our Services

Due Diligence​

Through our extensive digital assets experience, we have the tools to address all compliance and KYC/AML related requirements. From offering a proprietary whitelabel onboarding platform to corroborating extensive trading histories, we have the solution for you.

  • KYC Operator
  • AML Officer

Prime Brokerage

Our longstanding relationships with some of the largest regulated OTC desks globally provide us with best pricing for our clients regardless of investment amount.

  • Paymaster Agent
  • Crypto Dealer

Solutions Overview​

For more info please download our factsheet


alt provide KYC/AML services to token issuers from all jurisdictions globally. We have worked with projects from Switzerland, Jersey, Israel, Malta, Estonia, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, to name a few jurisdictions.

In order to onboard a project, we will ask you to provide the corporate documentation of the company, including passport and proof of address of signatories and all beneficial owners holding more than 25%. In addition, we will require a copy of the whitepaper, any technical papers, the audit of the smart contract, and a legal opinion on the classification of the token.

We can set up a company’s dedicated landing page on our platform as quickly as 7 days.  We can also provide a link via API where the front-end is set up on your website with your corporate identity.

We undertake either a recorded video identification call or a proof-of-liveness in order to identify contributors.

Before launching the fundraising, we will set up a dedicated transit wallet address where we will collect all funds. Once the funds are validated, we will transfer them to the token issuer’s wallet address. In this way, you only receive funds that have undergone KYC/AML.

For any fundraising in fiat, we will set up an escrow account at our bank, where we will receive all fiat contributions and upon the KYC/AML being completed, we will transfer these funds to your bank account.

We can accept BTC, ETH, EOS, USDC, and USDT.

We do not provide fundraising, marketing or listing service. 

You can send an email or call us at the email and telephone number provided and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

If you are a utility or payment token issuers, you cannot have access to any identifying data of your contributors unless your jurisdiction clearly states that you have such obligation.

If you a security token issuer, you can have access to the data of your investors. In fact, under the Swiss Code of Obligations, any Swiss issuer of security tokens needs to maintain a register of its shareholders and is required to have compliance responsibility for all of its investors unless it delegates this responsibility to regulated 3rd parties in Switzerland. For non-Swiss issuers, they will have to conform on this aspect based on the regulatory framework of their home jurisdiction.

Yes, we help open Swiss bank accounts for issuers.

Typically, it takes between 4-6 weeks to open the corporate account with the expectation to have a minimum of USD 1 million to fund the account.

Yes, we do offer conversion services, as we are a regulated Swiss Financial Intermediary offering these services on a daily basis with low fees and OTC pricing.