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alt is the leading KYC/AML expert for digital assets. We have helped countless individuals, corporates and banks navigate the most stringent regulatory requirements. As a Swiss financial intermediary and crypto-broker, we specialise in high-end transactions through our OTC desk and act as clearer and paymaster of funds.

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Due Diligence

Through our extensive digital assets experience, we have the tools to address all compliance and KYC/AML-related requirements – From offering a proprietary whitelabel onboarding platform to corroborating extensive trading histories, we have the solution for you.

Compliance Expert​

We compile, corroborate and submit KYCs to banks.​

KYC Operator

We screen token sale participants to raise legitimate funds.​

AML Officer​

We monitor transactional flow through forensic analysis for banks.​

Prime Brokerage

Our extensive and long term relationships with some of the largest regulated OTC Desks across the world provide us with best pricing for our clients regardless of the amount.

Paymaster Agent​

We process payments on your behalf, convert crypto to fiat, and execute requested wire-transfers. ​

Crypto Dealer​

From a minimum investment of $25k, we can trade OTC up to 2000 BTC daily.​

Clearing Agent​

We act in the role of tacit buyer and seller to settle transactions between counterparties, facilitating the work for banks.​

Alternative & Trusted

Tailor made, convenient and no hidden fees


Swiss regulated

Established in 2017, we are one of the few supervised crypto-brokers in Switzerland.

64px=no hidden fees

No hidden fees​

No more spread and slippage. Upgrade from traditional exchanges to Prime OTC access.


Substantial liquidity

alt’s client base holds some of the biggest private wallets in the market.


Tailor made

Get the services you want and the support you need. alt takes care of your KYC and trade execution.


CHF cleared per month


BTC equivalent KYCed​


Contributors KYCed​


Cash-outs executed​

General Enquiries​

Our experts will help you find the best approach