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Institutional solutions for digital assets.

Our History

As an avant-garde multi-family office, CAPLAND’s Director, Olivier Cohen, took an interest in digital assets as early as 2012. Altcoinomy SA was thus created to address the problematic of bridging the gap between early adopter and financial institutions.

alt was established to address the basic need of facilitating crypto-related fund transfers. We realised early on that despite investments in digital-assets becoming increasingly widespread, banks continued to be reluctant in accepting crypto-related funds. 

Today, alt is the premier provider and facilitator of digital asset services in the industry. KYC/AML, prime brokerage, bank account opening, we draft crypto due diligence reports, execute crypto trades, and facilitate project fundraising, all in the most compliant way. Early adopters, crypto millionaires, financial institutions, and crypto projects rely on us on a daily basis for all their digital asset requirements.

Onboarded Projects by alt - Alt.co

Mission Statement​

Up to now, the world of finance has been relatively protected from disruption, unlike the service, hotel, transport, or luxury sectors that have already experienced major disruption. Finally, the financial world is experiencing this disruption with the acceptance of digital assets by a community outside of the blockchain one.

alt is here to bridge the gap between the traditional banking world and digital assets, in a smooth and seamless way. Alt brings clarity to complexity for countless individuals, token sales projects, and financial institutions. 

Company Milestones


  • Rebranding to alt (www.alt.co) – first marketing effort since inception.
  • Filing of Fintech license preliminary application.
  • Major cash-out transaction (2300 BTC, equivalent to $115mio) transacted within a couple of hours.


  • Launch of wallet recovery services (www.wallet.surgery)
  • Altcoinomy joins the Capital Markets Technology Association, with Olivier Cohen as AML Committee member.
  • Altcoinomy expands its AML program by adding systematic forensic analysis through partnership with Scorechain.


  • The KYC platform initially built for its own ICO projects is completed and the technology is leveraged to accommodate third-party Token Issuers crowdfunding. Elrond, now a USD 10bn market cap, signs first AML service agreement.
  • Altcoinomy is granted corporate accounts in several private banks and specialises in large OTC transactions.


  • Altcoinomy is co-founded by CAPLAND SA (a Geneva-based Asset manager) and one of its key employees, Olivier Cohen.
  • Flow ruling is granted by the FINMA: allowing Altcoinomy to trade digital assets and to keep back ups of client private keys.
  • ICO on hard-asset stable coins on hold due to LPCC license requirement.

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