Legal Mention

1. Altcoinomy SA

Altcoinomy SA is a share corporation under art. 620 ff of the Swiss code of obligation registered in the Register of Commerce of Geneva under the federal number CHE-209.239.695 since October 20, 2017.  

It has its registered seat in Geneva and its address Place des Florentins 1, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland.

It is affiliated to the self-regulatory organism (SRO) Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen (VQF) and is acting as Swiss financial intermediary under the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act of October 10, 1997.

2. Scope of application

This legal mention applies to the use of the Website []. By accessing the Website, you (the “User”) confirm having read and understood this legal mention and you accept it.

3. Access

Access to the Website and use of the Services are open to individuals above 18 years old with full exercise of their civil rights. The content of the Website and the Services are intended for use or distribution by individuals or business entities located in Switzerland or in countries which do not prohibit or restrict their distribution, publication or use by legal provisions or regulations. Individuals or business entities that are subject to such limitations, whether on the basis of nationality, domicile or any other reason, are prohibited from accessing the Website, using the Services or making investments through it.


4. No financial advice, no asset management and no guaranteee

Altcoinomy SA does not provide investment advice, including for individual transactions, nor does it provide asset management services for financial instruments as defined in art. 3 let. c ch. 3 and 4 of the Financial Services Act (FinSA).

The use of the Website is at your own risk. The Website is proposed to you ‘as is’ and ‘as available’. Therefore, Altcoinomy SA does not guarantee that (i) the Website and the Services mentioned on the Website comply with your requirements or expectations; (ii) the Website and its content are complete, accurate, reliable, up-to-date and do not infringe the rights of any third party; (iii) access to the Website will be uninterrupted or error-free, or is guaranteed to be virus-free; (iv) defects will be corrected; (v) the Website is secure; or (vi) any advice or opinion provided by Altcoinomy SA through this Website is accurate and reliable. The Services and information on the Website are subject to change or removal without notice.

The information available on the Website does not constitute an offer, nor an advice or a recommendation to conclude a transaction.  

All information, opinions and assessments contained on the Website reflect an assessment at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice.  

Altcoinomy SA does not verify the appropriateness or suitability of any activity or investment of a User in relation with the services mentioned on the Website.

5. Collaboration with authorities

Altcoinomy SA is required to cooperate with any competent authority (including tax authorities), upon request, in their investigation of allegations of unlawful acts concerning Users and/or the use of the Services.

6. Tax

Altcoinomy SA does not provide tax advice and recommends that you consult with a tax professional before entering into a transaction. 

By using the Services, you agree to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to you. You are solely responsible for the tax treatment of your use of the Services.

7. Liability

To the extent permitted by law, any liability of Altcoinomy SA, its organs, auxiliaries and representatives, relating to access to the Website and use of the Services is excluded.

8. Applicable law and juridiction

This legal mention and the use of the Website is subject to the Swiss material law, excluding the rules of private international law.

Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Geneva, subject to appeal to the Federal Court.

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