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Private Clients

We accept all passports containing an MRZ code as well as all European ID cards. In addition, you will need to provide a proof of address, a document that needs to be dated less than 3 months and contains your full name and full address. Examples of acceptable documents are:

  • Any utility bill (fixed line phone, cable, internet, gas, water, electric)
  • Bank Statement
  • Tax statement (no more than 12 months old)
  • Official residency document

Once we have had the initial call and explained our services, we will have a specific KYC call where you will provide us with your crypto history, including initial purchase of cryptos, ICO participation, exchange history, etc. We will ask you to provide this information to us in detail so that we can draft your KYC.

It typically takes 4-6 weeks to open a bank account in a Swiss private bank following the initial call. We draft the KYC within one week and submit it to the bank, who then takes 3-4 weeks to review, send out documents, and open the bank account. Note, Banks are third parties. Neither nor Altcoinomy SA perform any custodial activities beyond 60 days.

You can travel to Geneva for a face-to-face meeting but it is not a requirement as we can identify you via our video identification platform as well as validate your passport with our ID document validation software.

While the minimum amount for the opening of an account varies bank to bank, typically, a client is expected to fund his/her account with a minimum of USD 1 million within 6-12 months of the account being opened with at least 60-70% of this amount invested in a portfolio of assets.

Yes, via our paymastering services, we can cash out your crypto assets and settle your invoices for you prior to your account being opened.

Token Issuers

In order to onboard a project, we will ask you to provide the corporate documentation of the company, including passport and proof of address of signatories and all beneficial owners holding more than 25%. In addition, we will require a copy of the whitepaper, any technical papers, the audit of the smart contract, and a legal opinion on the classification of the token.

We can set up a company’s dedicated landing page on our platform as quickly as 7 days.  We can also provide a link via API where the front-end is set up on your website with your corporate identity.

We undertake either a recorded video identification call or a proof-of-liveness in order to identify contributors.

Before launching the fundraising, we will set up a dedicated transit wallet address where we will collect all funds. Once the funds are validated, we will transfer them to the token issuer’s wallet address. In this way, you only receive funds that have undergone KYC/AML.

For any fundraising in fiat, we will set up an escrow account at our bank, where we will receive all fiat contributions and upon the KYC/AML being completed, we will transfer these funds to your bank account.

We can accept BTC, ETH, EOS, USDC, and USDT.

We do not provide fundraising, marketing or listing service. 

You can send an email or call us at the email and telephone number provided and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

If you are a utility or payment token issuers, you cannot have access to any identifying data of your contributors unless your jurisdiction clearly states that you have such obligation.

If you a security token issuer, you can have access to the data of your investors. In fact, under the Swiss Code of Obligations, any Swiss issuer of security tokens needs to maintain a register of its shareholders and is required to have compliance responsibility for all of its investors unless it delegates this responsibility to regulated 3rd parties in Switzerland. For non-Swiss issuers, they will have to conform on this aspect based on the regulatory framework of their home jurisdiction.

Yes, we help open Swiss bank accounts for issuers.

Typically, it takes between 4-6 weeks to open the corporate account with the expectation to have a minimum of USD 1 million to fund the account.

Yes, we do offer conversion services, as we are a regulated Swiss Financial Intermediary offering these services on a daily basis with low fees and OTC pricing.

Financial Institutions

The architecture is role-based, and each corporate users are given access to the right information through dedicated dashboards. Relationship managers, compliance officers, corporate traders or middle officers can all interact with the white-labeled platform according to their prerogatives. The licensing cost is 1000 CHF per corporate user.

The banks can eventually capture the bulk of the margins. They may charge custody fees on digital assets stored on their vault, as well as transaction fees on each trade. does not charge any custody fee and would only charge 5 basis points on transaction to settle and clear trades with its OTC counterparts.

Yes, alt has helped many Swiss private banks kickstart activity on this new line of business, and has proved instrumental in helping them establish best AML practices. We act as consultant to provide advisory services and solution best fitted to your organisation.

The Swiss law allows for AML delegation as per Finma circular 2018/3

Absolutely, our compliance officer may come to your offices, to work and propagate knowledge and develop expertise for mandates ranging from 3 months to 1year

We have been actively collaborating with 6 Swiss Private banks, and in discussion with many new partners, both in Switzerland or Europe alike

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Private Clients

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Token Issuers

I am a token issuer and I need a KYC platform.

Financial Institutions

I am an executive or a board member in a private bank.

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