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Delegate Crypto-AML Monitoring

Driven by the rapid surge in price of digital assets, banks get solicited on a daily basis by traditional clients looking to invest, as well as by prospect seeking to cash out their digital wealth. Most banks have been reluctant so far to explore this new line of activity due to a lack of knowledge from their compliance department as well as a dated IT infrastructure. We provide support to banks who want to stay relevant within the new financial era and provide solutions to monetize this new asset class.

Looking To Offer Digital Asset Service Offering To Your Client Base ?

  • You want to draft extensive AML and risk policies for digital assets but do not know where to start ?
  • You need a custodial infrastructure to reflect your clients’ digital assets in banking statements ? (coming soon)
  • You want to empower your corporate trading desk with institutional trading capacities ? (coming soon)
  • You are looking to implement systematic screening of your clients’ transactional flow ?
  • You need to train your staff to establish best practices throughout your organization ?

We Assist Banks And Family Offices Addressing A New Line Of Business

  • We provide consultancy services to legal, risk and compliance departments.
  • We offer on-premises trading and custody solutions which integrate to your core-banking seamlessly (coming soon).
  • We accept AML delegation mandate to help financial institution screen and onboard crypto UHNWIs.
  • We give banks capacity to execute, settle, reconcile and monetize sizable cryptocurrencies transactions.

Due Diligence

Through our extensive digital assets experience, we have the tools to address all compliance and KYC/AML related requirements. From offering a proprietary whitelabel onboarding platform to corroborating extensive trading histories, we have the solution for you.


Our extensive and long term relationships with some of the largest regulated OTC Desks across the world provide us with best pricing for our clients regardless of the amount.

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Solutions Overview

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Yes, alt has partnered with Freeports SA and, to provide a best-in-class trading and custody infrastructure that smoothly integrate to your core banking software and can be hosted on-premises.

The architecture is role-based, and each corporate users are given access to the right information through dedicated dashboards. Relationship managers, compliance officers, corporate traders or middle officers can all interact with the white-labeled platform according to their prerogatives. The licensing cost is 1000 CHF per corporate user.

The banks can eventually capture the bulk of the margins. They may charge custody fees on digital assets stored on their vault, as well as transaction fees on each trade. alt does not charge any custody fee and would only charge 5 basis points on transaction to settle and clear trades with its OTC counterparts.

Yes, alt has helped many Swiss private banks kickstart activity on this new line of business, and has proved instrumental in helping them establish best AML practices. We act as consultant to provide advisory services and solution best fitted to your organization.

The Swiss law allows for AML delegation as per Finma circular 2018/3.

Absolutely, our compliance officer may come to your offices, to work and propagate knowledge and develop expertise for mandates ranging from 3 months to 1year.

We have been actively collaborating with 6 Swiss Private banks, and in discussion with many new partners, both in Switzerland or Europe alike.