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Many digital asset investors are ideologically motivated and do not wish to interact with banks, while others are not yet wealthy enough to access Swiss private banks. Many blockchain projects are also rejected by retail banks. All these clients have one thing in common: When the end of the month nears, their bills need to be paid, and generally in fiat.

After KYC is successfully passed, we help our clien ts convert part of their crypto holdings and execute payments on their behalf. Our money remittance service is unique in the industry as we are able to execute wire transfers for the beneficial owner of the funds in favor of a different receiving party. Once due diligence is completed in the context of the payment, on both payer and receiver, there is no limit on the nominal amount we can transfer.

Fast Execution

We pay your bills within two days, whether you want to purchase a new sofa for your living-room or looking to acquire a property.

Cost Effecient

You can benefit from the infrastructure of a tier1 Swiss private bank, access to a regulated premium OTC broker for the crypto-fiat conversion, and rapid execution of the wire transfer.

Multiple Currencies

We pay in any deliverable currency. Payments in Israeli Shekels (ILS) or South African Rand (ZAR) are possible beyond the traditional EUR, USD, CHF & GBP.

What you get for your money

Pay your bill from any of the top 100 crypto listed on Coinmarketcap

Privacy-coin friendly

Pay approved recipient parties without opening a nominative bank account

Size does not matter: execute small recurring payments or large one-off transfers alike

Invoices, Proof of payment (Swift messages or Txid statements), Letter of recommendation.

Our partner banks will spare you from worst-case scenarios, with a no-freeze guarantee

Large Volume

Our record transaction is 2’300 BTC, traded above $50k a piece within one hour, in tranches of 100, without even weighting on the market prices.

Access to Fiat

As a regulated financial intermediary in Switzerland, we can easily transfer the fiat proceeds from your crypto transactions. Recipient banks appreciate the regulatory comfort when dealing with an established counterparty.

Ease of Use

Direct access to full-time, dedicated crypto traders who will work your order in the most efficient way, throughout the day. No need to process time-consuming transactions, you can leave everything to us.

Crypto Dealer

OTC trading is traditionally reserved to large institutions but we believe everyone deserves access.

When trading is executed on a centralised exchange, a few issues may occur:

  • The investor can only access liquidity offered (against traders wishing to take the opposite direction).
  • When it comes to executing large orders, liquidity dries up quickly unless the trader decides to literally wipe out the order book, exposing himself to considerable slippage.
  • High transaction fees, risk of public visibility which may lead to front-running, with guaranteed further post-transactional KYC clarification.
  • CEXs are more complicated, costly and offer less liquidity. Trading over a decentralised exchange may be simpler, as no KYC is required, but liquidity is low, and access to fiat is restricted.

alt’s dealing room leverages extensive liquidity over several regulated broker-dealers, with no hidden fees or spread. Empower yourself with sniper-like agility and hit the best bid.

Exclusive trading privileges

Dedicated access to our 24/7 trading desk

Unlimited volume for fiat settlements

No spread (mid price), no slippage

Binding prices are shown first - settlement post-price agreement

No post-trade KYC clarification, everything is clarified beforehand

Clearing Agent​

alt has corporate accounts in each of its partner banks to ease the logistical burden of its digital activities. As a growing number of private clients engage in crypto transactions, specific challenges are constantly arising such as multiple transactions for potential buyers and sellers occurring throughout the day, involving several client accounts as well as various external counterparties.

As Clearer, alt centralises the flow of funds, reconciles trading commitments and proceeds via daily settlements. A Clearer will limit the bank’s liability whilst respecting banking secrecy laws in compliance with all travel rule requirements. Transfers originating from clients’ crypto transactions are handled by a single regulated entity, with full responsibility of AML monitoring

Circle of Trust​

alt lies at the centre of a trusted network with some of the industry’s most prominent regulated broker-dealers. alt spares banks the hassle of onboarding with these brokers, establishing API connections and committing to a large minimum trading flows in order to maintain competitive pricing.

Ease Logistical Burden

Transactions are centralised to facilitate monitoring, increase transparency and traceability, and ultimately reduce the risk of settlement errors. Processes are clear and efficient throughout the organisation.

Reduce Liability​

With minimum knowledge and no investment in either human resources or technology, banks can kickstart DLT-related activities risk-free.​

Our best- in-class Clearing partnership​

Training for Relationship Managers, Corporate traders, Compliance & Risk Officers

Role-based platform and dashboards offering Executives access to metrics (coming soon)

Institutional custodial HSM vault for segregated crypto address per client (coming soon)

Enables banks to receive bulk of funds, as alt only charges 5 basis points on the flow of funds

Cost efficient set-up whereby the bank readily provides crypto trading & custody overnight, no R&D budget required (coming soon)

Optional $400m insurance option on custodial HSM infrastructure, provided by major insurance provider (coming soon)

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