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Our extensive and long term relationships with some of the largest regulated OTC Desks across the world provide us with best pricing for our clients regardless of the amount.

Paymaster Agent

Many digital asset investors are ideologically motivated and do not wish to interact with banks, while others are not yet wealthy enough to access Swiss private banks. Many blockchain projects are also rejected by retail banks. All of these clients have one thing in common: When the end of the month nears, bills need to be paid, and usually in fiat.

After KYC is successfully passed, we help our clients convert part of their crypto holdings to execute payments on their behalf. Our money remittance service is unique in the industry as we are able to execute wire transfers for the beneficial owner of the funds in favour of a different receiving party. Once due diligence is completed in the context of the payment, on both payer and receiver, there is no limit on the nominal amount we can transfer.

Fast Execution

We pay your bills within two days, whether for the purchase of a new sofa or a real estate property.

Cost Effecient

You can benefit from the infrastructure of a tier-1 Swiss private bank, access to a regulated premium OTC broker for the crypto-fiat conversion and rapid execution of the wire transfer.

Multiple Currencies

We pay in any deliverable currency. Payments in Israeli Shekels (ILS) or South African Rand (ZAR) are possible beyond the traditional EUR, USD, CHF & GBP.

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