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Our extensive and long term relationships with some of the largest regulated OTC Desks across the world provide us with best pricing for our clients regardless of the amount.

Clearing Agent​

alt has corporate accounts in each of its partner banks to ease the logistical burden of its digital activities. As a growing number of private clients engage in crypto transactions, specific challenges are constantly arising such as multiple transactions for potential buyers and sellers occurring throughout the day, involving several client accounts as well as various external counterparties.

As Clearer, alt centralises the flow of funds, reconciles trading commitments and proceeds via daily settlements. A Clearer will limit the bank’s liability whilst respecting banking secrecy laws in compliance with all travel rule requirements. Transfers originating from clients’ crypto transactions are handled by a single regulated entity, with full responsibility of AML monitoring

Circle of Trust​

alt lies at the centre of a trusted network with some of the industry’s most prominent regulated broker-dealers. alt spares banks the hassle of onboarding with these brokers, establishing API connections and committing to a large minimum trading flows in order to maintain competitive pricing.

Ease Logistical Burden

Transactions are centralised to facilitate monitoring, increase transparency and traceability, and ultimately reduce the risk of settlement errors. Processes are clear and efficient throughout the organisation.

Reduce Liability​

With minimum knowledge and no investment in either human resources or technology, banks can kickstart DLT-related activities risk-free.​

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