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Through our extensive experience in digital assets, we have the necessary tools to address all compliance and KYC/AML related requirements. From our proprietary white-label onboarding platform to corroborating extensive trading histories, we have the solution for you.

AML Officer

Whilst banks are eager to get involved with digital assets, they don’t necessarily know how or where to start. The business case is clear: not only are young, un-banked crypto-millionaires perceived by banks as a potential-client base and opportunity for net new money but traditional banking clients feel left out, driven by the explosion in digital asset prices, aggressively pushing their banks to provide access to the desirable asset class.However, banks remain reticent due to a lack of knowledge and technological infrastructures.

alt has been bridging the way, with Freeports, its sister company licensing its digital assets custody solution, while it has helped banks deepen their knowledge of the digital industry and understand its risks. We have established relationships with a number of Swiss banks, who have delegated their crypto-AML monitoring to alt, as a first step.

Banking Origins

We have highly trained risk and compliance officers who have worked on complex onboarding cases, undertaking bespoke analysis and drafting AML policies.

Blockchain Expert

We provide substantiated context, clear explanations, factual corroboration and continued support, so our partner banks never feel burdened.

Funds Analysis

Digital assets risk being tainted or belonging to a person other than the actual Beneficial Owner. Using cutting-edge forensic analysis as well as digital signatures, we tackle these transactional risks.

Crypto-related AML guidelines

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